Pippa Bartalotti and the Nuclear Industry

I quote Pippa Bartolotti 'leader' of the green party in Wales April 18th 2010

I then started Encrypta Electronics (employing 25 people and sub contracting to AB Electronics among other local businesses) and moved to South Wales with my young family. “
However, as critics pointed out, Encrypta electronics was actually set up by Gil Hayward [3] and his son Mark, PB's husband at the time. This was doubtless the route whereby Bartolotti got a place in the company. She became director/manager only in 1992 according to Companies House records.

Pippa Bartolotti in an email to Penny KEMP and Wales Green Party Council of 10 July 2012
changed her story, no longer to have started Encrypta Electronics but only worked for them.
I worked for Encrypta Electronics, which was set up in the recession of 1984. It was a Newport–based company which employed 25 people, had a profit sharing scheme and a turnover of about £2M. The business manufactured and sold electronic devices which were to be fitted to the backs of lorries for the avoidance of ‘shrinkage’(stuff falling off the backs of lorries). Customers were Marks and Spencer, Mothercare and similar.

Over time we brought out a miniaturised version which was used on ballot boxes in Spain. A request from AWRE to the sales dept resulted in them having one of these on trial. It did not stand up to the conditions (whatever they were) . The story ended there, and I left the company soon

This was not quite how AWRE put it:
Encrypta was acting as a consultant to AWE on security tags and seals for atomic weapons.
AWRE is the UK's Atomic weapons (research) establishment http://www.awe.co.uk/
The public description says the purpose was “verification processes of any potential treaty”,
A group at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston, UK has been investigating the technical issues associated with multilateral nuclear weapons arms control/reduction treaties.One of the companies that the group consulted with was Encrypta Electronics, which is one of the world leaders in integrating electronic tagging with security systems.

Richard Johnson, a member of the AWE Threat Reduction Group's Arms Control Research Team, commented, "The relationship with Encrypta is one example whereby AWE is assisted in its understanding of current commercial products and their uses and the business community is made aware of possible needs."
Mark Hayward, Encrypta's Sales and Marketing Director (and PB's husband at the time) added
"We have learned some valuable insights from our collaboration with AWE, who are using their expertise to address one of the most challenging sealing and tagging problems in the world."

It's likely the same technology is needed for nuclear weapon security when loaded onto aircraft or otherwise deployed. The secrecy is obvious – Encrypta would have had to sign a secrecy clause for their discussions. Maybe Encrypta got a contract from AWE, but that would not be public – hence the uncertain ending. [1]

Did Pippa Bartolotti have to sign the official secrets act over Encrypta's contract?

Nuclear Power

"For me the solution would not include nuclear in its present form. Eg, little work has been done to promote the safer Thorium reactors. It is not the fissile/fission process which we are against, it is the radioactive waste cycle, safety concerns, and weapons grade outputs."

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