Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Attorney Genearal response out of date!!

At a recent meeting of the Penarth CAAT group, one of our members shared a letter from the Attorney General's office which led us to believe that CAAT's court case to have the enquiry re-opened, had failed - that the Government had won. In fact, the two judges have not yet given their decision.
The most recent CAAT email bulleting includes the following:
'1. Attorney General is out-of-date

Those of you who sent CAAT's new Control BAE postcard to the Prime
Minister, have received a response from the Attorney General's Office
which is seriously out-of-date!

The letter talks of the "recent decision" of Mr Justice Andrew
Collins that CAAT's Judicial Review of the Government's decision to
end the Serious Fraud Office investigation into the BAE Systems Al
Yamamah deal with Saudi Arabia was "unarguable". Mr Justice Collins
actually made his decision in May 2007 after considering the written
arguments. However, CAAT and the Corner House were granted permission
to proceed to a Judicial Review by Lord Justice Moses after a hearing
on 9th November 2007. He said that the issue 'cries out for a
public hearing' because it involves 'matters of concern
and public importance'. Together with Mr Justice Sullivan, Lord
Justice Moses heard the full case on 14th and 15th February 2008 and
we are currently awaiting the result.

If you have received such a letter, please write back to the Attorney
General pointing this out and calling for the investigation to be

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