Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ten bombs or less?

When is a cluster bomb not a cluster bomb although Rae McGrath says the article is wrong. CBU-97 he says is 40 bombs? CBU = Cluster bomb unit!

111 Countries Ban the Use of Cluster Bombs

Biggest producers and users, including Israel and US, do not sign treaty

Janes Defence Systems News here The problem was that, until mid-May, there was no agreed definition of a cluster munition. The treaty text as it now stands bans all cluster munitions except those containing fewer than 10 submunitions, each of which must weigh more than 4 kg. Each of these submunitions must also be able to detect and engage a single target object, be equipped with an electronic self-destruction mechanism and have an electronic self-deactivation feature for the weapon to be exempt.

Director of Landmine UK, Simon Conway, said that although he was pleased with the negotiations, it was now time for Brown to make a stand against the US in order to uphold Britain’s opposition to the weapons. “It is a terrible hypocrisy, on the one hand to say that these weapons cause unacceptable harm and ban them and on the other hand to give a sly nod to the US to continue using them.”

The Dublin conference here

OK google it ....The primary components of this 1,000 pound class weapon are the SUU-66/B Tactical Munitions Dispenser (TMD), 10 BLU-108/B submunitions, and 40 "hockey puck" shaped skeet infrared sensing projectiles...are they both right but is it banned under the new treaty?

Help Ban Cluster Bombs Now! Sign the People's Treaty
The Cluster Munitions Convention's signing ceremony will take place in Oslo, Norway, from 2-3 December 2008. That is only six months to ensure that countries – your country – will be ready to sign the treaty! To keep pressure on governments, sign the People's Treaty now. (02/06/2008, last updated: 04/06/2008) Read more »

CBU-97/CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon - Dumb Bombs- 11:34
Each CBU-97/B can cover an area of about 500 feet by 1200 feet. Test results indicate that CBU-97 submunitions have a propensity to cluster and that impact ...

CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon - Dumb Bombs- 29 Jun
The CBU-97 is a 1000-pound class weapon containing sensor-fused submunitions for ... Each CBU-97/B can cover an area of about 500 feet by 1200 feet. ...

Please note that the CBU-97 is also referred to as the CBU-105.

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