Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AREOLINK protest today

Red Choir out in good voice along with CAAT and the Green Party, CND and Stop the War

There was a peaceful protest and some folk picketed the gate with leaflet s as the police wouldn't let us give any out
near the hotel entrance where we set up our banners just after 8 this morning. A group of anarchists arrived and were stopped going into the hotel by a dozen or more burly police officers who later described the group as trying to 'STORM' the building!
Not much chance with such a big pol
ice presence to defend those people who kill people for money and profit from war!

A Welsh team bus arrived of? Perhaps someone can identify the team that were Happy the hotel and rub shoulders with the arms trade.
Anne Greagsby from the green party said arms dealers are not welcome in Wales making money by killing people. It is shocking that Ty Hafan
the well-known Welsh charity which runs a hospice for dying children was there! Why they would take blood money after what happened to the children of GAZA is beyond belief!

he red choir , the green party and the CAAT will be protesting today ...

This is why we are going to protest....and we wish to highlight the role of wales
in war crimes in gaza and the companies that make money from killing people

White phosphorous attack on Beit Lahia school

Magellan Aerospace, with facilities in Wrexham, manufactures the CRV7 rocket weapon system (RWS) for the F-16 jet fighter and the AH-64 Apache atta ck helicopter. Both were used with devastating effect by the Israeli armed forces in Israel’s recent aggression against the people of Gaza which killed upwards of 1500 Palestinians, including hund reds of children. i have seen photos of the carnage after a UN-run school at Beit Lahia was bombarded with burning white phosphorous. Magellan Aerospace also manufacture the M156 Smoke missile that goes with the CRV7 system. ‘Upon detonation’, Magellan’s story goes, ‘the high explosive ruptures the warhead and disperses the white phosphorous to generate a white smoke cloud.’
Beit Lahia - the aftermath
Beit Lahia - the aftermath

General Electric (GE) has been supplying the Israeli army since 1950 and, given its gargantuan profits, wars in the Middle East are good for business. One of GE’s success stories is the F110 jet engine, used to power the F-16.

Gardner Aerospace, part of the Carlyle Group, helps build war planes, including the C-130 Hercules, the military transport plane used by the Israeli airforce operating from its Nevatim Airbase.

Thales is a specialist manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, which are used extensively by the Israeli airforce to locate targets prior to bombardment. While the Hermes 450, made by Israeli company Elbit and tested at ParcAberporth in West Wales, remains Israel’s UAV of choice, Thales will, no doubt, be keeping an eye out for opportunities to do business with the pariah state.
Arms manufacturers 'making a difference' in Gaza
Arms manufacturers 'making a difference' in Gaza


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