Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welsh government welcomes THALES to Wales

Thales UK is a leading arms company, including in nuclear weapons.

IeuanWyn Jones in 2010 welcomed their new centre in Llangennech near Llanelli, where they were equippingWarthog’ tracked military vehicles destined for Afghanistan
The Minister said “The significant contract awarded to AB Connectors is excellent news as it has already created 40 new jobs and opens the door for potentially more business."
Thales is equipping the Warthog vehicles with over £150m worth of communications systems, specialist counter-measure equipment and extra protective armour.

TheMarch 2012 'Vision of Humanity' report: gives Thales, Serco etc heading a list of the top 20 nuclear weapons producers.

Link with an Abercynon company

ABConnectors is an Abercynon company that moved in 1996 into manufacture of military electronic components. They were in the news recently (18 October 2012) when their owners TT Electronics announced up to 45 redundancies out of the 193 current employees. This states AB Components “manufacture complex electronic connectors and systems for aerospace, defence and rail projects”.
Pippa Bartalotti recently told of working in a company Encrypta which supplied electronic security devices.
I worked in the Glastonbury sheepskin industry in 1973 – 5, then the fashion business in the West End of London 1975-1986… I then started Encrypta Electronics (employing 25 people and sub contracting to AB Electronics among other local businesses) and moved to South Wales.

Can Pippa disclose more about Encrypta’s sub-contract with AB Electronics/Components? She is recorded as Director & Manager of Encrypta Electronics from April 1992, Did their contract continue after Encrypta went bankrupt in 2003? She was also involved in Toucan Systems, 2001-2003: “In my time the company made one replacement keyboard for Thales”. Might they also be a past or current supplier of military components?

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