Friday, February 27, 2009

Cardiff Students Against War is *ENDING OUR OCCUPATION*

*-- VICTORY!! --*

Cardiff Students Against War is *ENDING OUR OCCUPATION* of the Large Shandon
lecture theatre, Cardiff University Main Building! We're about to leave,
march around campus to declare our victory, and make our continued presence
known to the university community. Banners and megaphones, BOOKS not BOMBS!

Following the open letter to Vice Chancellor David Grant, the BOOKS not
BOMBS demonstration outside the Student Union and the subsequent occupation
of the Large Shandon, *Cardiff University has divested all shares from BAe
Systems and the aerospace arm of General Electric*! They have instructed
their external fund managers to avoid future investments in the arms trade,
and have promised to raise the issue of an ethical investment policy at the
next Council Meeting on May 18th. They are also willing to discuss the
provision of surplus computers and resources to institutions in Gaza.

The victory comes after three days of occupation which has been inundated
with messages of support from all over the country, as well as further
afield. This has included university staff, students and societies, local
Plaid Cymru politicians and groups, activist groups such as CND Cymu, No
Borders South Wales and South Wales Anarchists, and has had extensive press
coverage, from the local papers and student publications to Indymedia and
the BBC. We are extremely proud to have received a message of solidarity
from Noam Chomsky!

*We see this as the beginning, not the end*. The occupation has attracted
considerable interest and support from the Cardiff University community, and
has succeeded in raising awareness of the effects of the arms trade and the
horrific situation in Gaza. Cardiff Students Against War will continue to
campaign on these issues, and to make sure that the university doesn't go
back on its promises.
So well done to everyone who has been involved!!*

But it's not over yet. The campaign will continue because we believe that
Cardiff Uni should be doing more for Gaza, such as facilitating scholarships
to Gazan students and boycotting Israeli products in protest at the
treatment of Palestinians by the IDF, and the settlers occupying the West
Pen & Wig 7.30!!

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