Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Occupation in solidarity with Gaza and for and end to university investment in
the arms trade.

Students this afternoon occupied the SHANDON LECTURE THEATRE in the Main
Building of Cardiff University, Park Place

Dyring the occupation there will be a programme of events, film showings &
meetings. Full details to be announced shortly.

Students are demanding that Cardiff University end investment in the arms trade,
twin with the bombed Gaza University, send old computers, books and equipment to
Gaza & 5 free scholarships for Palestinian students.

Details of the occupation & a full list of demands will soon be at

Rush messages of support and solidarity to cardifftroopsout@googlemail.com

There will be a meeting tonight around 7ish with Jonathan Neale, author The
American War: Vietnam 1965 - 1975 speaking on war and occupation in the
liberated lecture theatre. Other events planned include film showings, a report
from two Cardiff students who were in Hebron on the West Bank as part of the
International Solidarity movement etc.

If you are in the area donations of food, bottles of water etc will be very
welcome. As people can appreciate occupiers don\'t have cutlery or plates, so
bear this in mind when donating food! Or pop in to attend the events and show


Wednesday 2 -4 pm, Beverton Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University,
there will be a video link up with students from the Jabaliya refugee camp in
Gaza talking about there experiences and conversing (via webcam) with Cardiff

(Note this is not in the liberated lecture theatre, but well worth getting down
to and supporting!)

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