Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cynical Dragon mocks Ray Davies

Cops club Ray Davies unconscious at Gaza protest « cardiff radical ...11 Jan 2009
Ray Davies, 79, is a familiar figure on the South Wales political scene whose commitment to the rights of Palestinians is unquestionable. On Saturday’s march against the invasion of Gaza he was amongst those protesting at the Israeli ...

But we have this eejit mocking Ray - and like a coward without the decency to reveal his ID!
SAD SICKO Cynical Dragon or
Dave Raybould from Newport. He doesn't have any right to use this picture of Ray which he stole of another site. Nothing original there then.

THE CYNICAL DRAGON: Ray The Riot11 Jan 2009 by David
According to Ray Davies, anti-Israel protester and the South Wales Echo's most consistent letter writer, he was assaulted by Police whilst trying to negotiate between protesters and the authorities at the anti-Israel march in London. ...

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