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new type of phosphorous chemical bomb


From Sami Ramadani…… a senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University and was a political refugee from Saddam's regime

Please read and circulate the tour de force by Noam Chomsky in which, I think for the first time, he compares Israeli methods with Nazi ones. He draws on Israeli leaders and generals to make his case, and points the finger at the US administrations (and much of official Europe) for maintaining silence towards, condoning, or backing Israeli policies and wars.

Critics of Israel have generally shied away from the comparison Chomsky makes. Last week, for example, Robert Fisk caused a ripple by strongly condemning writers and protesters who drew parallels with Nazi tactics in WW2. But Chomsky provides a surgical analysis. He also cites the examples of the village of Lidice and the town of Oradour-sur-Glane, which were wiped out by the Nazis because of their resistance to occupation. Obviously, one has to be wary of snap historical parallels, slipping into vast exaggerations and making false generalisations. However, if the US (the quartermaster of Israel) carries on along Bush's path, i.e. if Obama's administration fails to reverse US foreign policy, then the historical comparison will eventually become accurate, not only at the level of some tactics and brutal means, but also in comparing the goals of both Nazi Germany and the US political and financial elites: world domination by brute force.

It is sobering to note that the US Congress voted by an astounding majority of 390 against 5 to support Israel's onslaught on Gaza.

Please note that the tank-like armoured bulldozers, used to flatten Palestinian homes in Gaza and the West Bank, are specially made for Israel by a British firm, and so are the engines of the drones flying over Gaza. The US supplied a new type of phosphorous chemical bomb, which has never been seen before. It explodes into hundreds of small pellets bursting into flames on contact. It slowly burns the skin and flesh down to the bones. It was also used to burn the UN food and medicine supply centre, the only university in Gaza and many schools and homes.

A mass campaign similar to the one that helped isolate apartheid South Africa is long overdue.

I have also included two other links below the link to Chomsky's essay. One is to Sir Gelard Kaufman MP, who was a leading Zionist advocate of Israel, comparing an Israeli spokesman to a Nazi, and the other is to a short Channel 4 report on Gaza,

"Exterminate all the Brutes": Gaza 2009
Noam Chomsky
January 19, 2009

** Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

** Chanel 4 news report on Gaza:

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