Saturday, January 17, 2009

White Phosphorus

1/11/09 Al Jazeera's David Foster asked Israeli PM's spokeperson Mark Regev if they were using showers of white phosphorus on the civilian population in Gaza. He skirted around the question, and asked Al Jazeera to pose that question to the spokesperson of the IDF instead. She evaded the question, but didn't deny the use of it. Since the use of white phosphorous on a civilian population amounts to a war crime, and any military force would willingly dismiss such an allegation if it were false, we're left to conclude that it is being used.

Objective observers, including observers from Human Rights Watch, have already concluded that white phosphorus is being used.

White Phosphorus burns in air, and on contact will burn through flesh to the bone. The gas released from it as it burns causes corrosive clouds that are extremely poisonous.

The audio gradually goes way out of sync, but do listen through. American media outlets are blinding their audiences to what's going on. That's particularly atrocious given it's their tax-dollars that's funding these crimes against humanity.

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