Monday, January 12, 2009

Petition to Impose Arms Embargo on Israel

Petition to Impose Arms Embargo on Israel

Sign the petition on the official site of the Prime Minister's Office,, to encourage the government to impose an arms embargo on Israel following the war on Gaza.

Click here.

This petition recognises that the government has taken positive steps to tighten weapons exportation to Israel since 2005. However, only a complete arms embargo will send a clear message to Israel that this government will not accept the prolonged armed conflict which is aggravating existing tensions in the region. Additionally this will ensure that the government adheres to the UK Export Control Act of 2002 and the EU “consolidated criteria” governing the export of military equipment. Equally such a stance would set a precedent showing that this government is committed to establishing peace in the region. This precedent will have a far reaching impact in terms of marginalising the ideologies of radical extremist groups.

Thousands of signatures are needed to ensure a response. Please circulate widely.

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